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How to Get to Setoguchi

Direction By Train●Joetsu Shinkansen
Get off at Echigo-yuzawa Station and from here you can take taxi (approx 30 minutes) or bus (approx 40 minutes). For the bus, you can get off at Setoguchimae bus stop and walk for 3 minutes.Bus from East Exit of Echigo-yuzawa Station → Setoguchi
The bus leaves station at 09:30, 13:00, 14:45, and 16:40. It takes approximately 30 minutes until arrival.※ For guests with more than 5 people, we can send you a micro bus to pick you up from the nearest station. Feel free to consult us if needed.Direction By Car● from Joetsu, Tokamachi, Kashiwazaki
from R117 "Yamazaki" intersection, drive towards Kiyotsukyo via R353 about 20 minutes● from Nagano
from Joshinetsu Expressway Toyoda Iiyama I.C. drive for about 60 minutes towards Kiyotsukyo via R353● from Tokyo, Takasaki / Niigata Nagaoka 
from Kanetsu Shiozawa-Ishiuchi I.C., drive towards R17 Entrance Intersection, drive for about 20 minutes via R353