※Regarding "National Travel Discount", please note that we only offer discounts on the reservation site for all online reservations.Please apply for a discount on the reservation site at the time of booking on the online reservation site and receive the discount.Please note that you cannot apply for the discount after visiting this facility, and the discount will not be applied.


About facility

※ Our facility is in the early Showa era period.
  There is no elevator and the stairs are very steep.
  Please understand that it is different from an inn in an advanced area.
  WI-FI can be used in some rooms.The toilet is flushed.
  Bathroom is old, rooms are not that big
  I often get inquiries as to whether or not insects come out, but it is by the river in the mountains, so by all means
  Bugs may come in.
※ There are 3 hearths and 2 hearths, depending on the room you are staying in.
  Please understand.
※ Regarding the national travel discount, reservations for this facility can only be made through reservation sites (Jalan, Rakuten, Rurubu, etc.). please give me.Please be aware that even if you apply for it after you come, we will not be able to handle it.

Ryokan introduction

  • Ryokan introduction

    We started our business as a hot spring sanatorium until the end of the Showa era era.
    The number of customers for hot spring recuperation has decreased, and it has changed to a ryokan like it is now.
    We have been operating under the theme of "time without time in the wind of Showa era".
    It is far from the hot spring resort of recent years, and the owner is also old, so it is not a facility that will satisfy everyone, and I do not know if I can meet your expectations, but I do not know the flow of time and the flow of time that is different from the resort area.
    We are running this business with the hope that you can enjoy Echigo's mountain cuisine, which is different from the buffet.
    We welcome you as an elderly couple so that you can spend time in the atmosphere of the Showa era.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Kiyotsukyo Onsen, Setoguchi


168 Nishitajiri Karashi, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number



Get off at Joetsu Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Echigoyuzawa Station, 25 minutes Kanetsu Expressway / 20 minutes by car from Kanetsu Expressway and Shiozawa Ishiuchi Interchange

We are currently refraining from picking up and dropping off due to corona measures.
Please understand.
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  • Between the hearth

    Dinner in the morning and evening is here.Please enjoy the cozy local cuisine with charcoal fire.
  • A break

    Please use it for a break in the bath.
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